The People's Government of Bengbu City

Bengbu Industrial Park

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Bengbu Industrial Park is situated to the north of Huai River and on the both sides of Provincial Road 307. To the east, 300 meters away is the Chaoyang Bridge, crossing the Bridge is the urban district. To the west lies the entrance of Jingtai Expressway (Hefe to Xuzhou) and Provincial Road 206. To the north the entrance of Jingluo Expressway (Beijing to Luoyang) is 3km away. The Park enjoys convenient transportation and advantageous location so that a broader space is available here for enterprises to develop.

The Park is of provincial level set up by the approval of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. It is the key industrial base of Bengbu from 2005 to 2020, a new economic growth area of the City, with a broad radiating space for North Anhui. By the end of 2010 the Park has completed its construction of 7.2 km2 with 126 enterprises set up (among which 86 enterprises produce products and 58 enterprises are above-scale). Now the Park has basically formed three industrial parts concerning textiles, mechanical manufacturing and auto parts, environment friendly equipment.

Bengbu Industrial Park serves the City in its development as a regional city of Central China Rejuvenating. It provides a platform in improving the urban industrial restructuring, a carrier for the City’s strategy of eastbound development, a base of the provincial “861 Action Plan” and municipal “3461” Project, a place where small and medium enterprises cluster and a key industrial area of the City. Its targets in the Twelfth-Five Year: expanding the Park to 50 km2, the built-up area no less than 30 km2, over 400 enterprises invested in the Park, achieving GDP 13 billion RMB, more than 30 enterprises with over 100 million assets, over 5 enterprises with exceeding 1 billion assets and more than 2 enterprises listed on the stock market.


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