Welcome: The Tom Callahan Splinters

Thank you to Debbie Loizzo & Laura Adcock for sharing your Father’s story. We look forward to seeing their team, nine strong, walking with his children & grandchildren wearing their blue Callahan Splinter's hats on Aug. 8th at the Run Forrest Run Twilight 5k in Downers Grove, Illinois. Thanks for supporting the work of the Gary Sinise Foundation!   RFR Race Committee 


Our father, Thomas Callahan, age 90, passed away on April 15, 2015, after suffering from Parkinson’s disease and many other medical issues over the past few years. Our Dad served as a Boatswain’s mate on a PT boat in the Philippines during World War II, after serving on the USS Jacamar, which was a mine sweeper. 


He didn’t talk about his service until many years later especially before and after he was privileged to be one of the veterans on the Honor Flight Chicago that took both him and his brother, who was a Merchant Marine, to Washington DC last October. We did know from past conversations with our Dad, that his PT boat was hit by friendly fire, and all but three were injured. Fortunately our Dad was one of the three. While the PT boat was being repaired, he became the beach master and thankfully the war ended and was discharged back home 30 days later. 


Back then, there wasn’t any fanfare or tickertape parades for those that had served. Our Dad served our Country with pride, but never, ever expected anything in return. He believed he was a very blessed and lucky man.


After our Dad’s passing, we decided that we would honor his memory every year by getting together as a family and support a cause related to helping those who have fought for our Country’s freedom. For our first year, we chose the Gary Sinise Foundation because of the incredibly wonderful work that is being done to help our veterans.


PT boaters’ children and grandchildren are known as Splinters and you will see us wearing our blue Callahan Splinter hats, while we proudly walk the 5K on August 8th in our Father’s memory for those veterans that served our country proudly.







“While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more.” Gary Sinise

Hosted by Notre Dame's ROTC Service Groups 


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