Meet Forrest Gump

AKA Douglas Babcock


Local Spotlight: Who is Forrest Gump?

We will never forget seeing “Forrest Gump” check-in during registration for the Run Forrest Run 5/10K four years ago! Since then Doug Babcock has become somewhat of a local celebrity on race day with runners asking for their photo with him and recognizing him on the course. Below is a recap of our interview with Forrest:


What is your story with Forrest Gump & the  Run Forrest Run at Notre Dame?

After I signed up for the first RFR I thought it would be fun to dress as Forrest Gump. The rest they say is history. Since my first appearance went so well, I decided to return the next year. It was just as much fun, though a lot colder! The highlight of year 2 was meeting the "Real Forrest Gump" Medal of Honor Recipient Sammy L. Davis. He was so down to earth and easy to talk with, a real honor that I will always treasure. The box of chocolates from last year was a nice touch.


What do people do as they recognize you running by? The reactions of the crowd along the course is to do a double take, if they have seen the movie. 


How did you first hear about the RFR 5/10K? Someone had shared a Run Forrest Run link on the South Bend RWB Facebook page.  I have been involved with RWB for about 4 years. I am in my own words Army trained and Air Force retired. I spent 3 years active duty Army, 3 years with the Army National Guard, and 14 years with the Air National Guard out of Battle Creek Michigan.  


Will we see you again at this year’s race? I am registered to return once again this year. To save any confusion, this year I am registered under the name of......Forrest Gump. I figure it will help with the process if I place in my age group again!


Editor’s note: Doug won his age group in 2016 with a time of 43:14.1 and a pace of 6:58/M placing 17th overall! The best online quote we found about Doug was from a friend who said: “Saw you running down the road again. Nothing was chasing you, so I figured you were doing it for fun again!” Yep, sounds like Forrest!


Anything else that my might be interesting?  I used a photograph from RFR to get a non-speaking part in an episode of “Chicago Med.” It was my 15 seconds of fame. I hope that helps with Who Forrest Gump is.


Thank you for all you do Forrest! 

Forrest won his age group with a 10K time of 43:14, 6:58/M 

Forrest meets the "Real Forrest Gump" Medal of Honor Recipient Sammy L. Davis at the 2016 Run Forrest Run 5/10K

Forrest on "Chicago Med!"

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